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An introduction to an otherwise random collection of ideas

I’ve been tinkering with components, code, electronics and materials for quite a while when working on my hobby projects and I’ve now come to a point where I’d like to compile my builds, findings and ramblings into a blog, so that if anybody else wants to give a shot at reproducing my wacky creations they can get started.

Likewise, if anybody’s interested in the thought process and everything that goes into making something: operational, somehow automated and definitely not worth the expense and time spent (although satisfaction is priceless) they can read through and come with me on a journey…

Red ACTUALLY goes fastah

At the time of writing, I have already completed this project, so I don’t have pictures of the building process.

I try to make my builds future-proof, but my brain can’t future-proof itself :(

I only have two already finished projects (of which this is one) posted on Medium.
Everything else that will follow will have the whole building process breakdown.

The vision

Trying my hand at converting a Warhammer 40K model into an actual RC vehicle.

The size has to be as close to the original as possible, in order to be able to use this model in a standard game.

Curious nerd with a never-ending itch for automation and making things more complex than they should be.

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